Profane Apparel is Hand Made in socially responsible manufacturing environments.

• Each Piece is Custom Hand Made in Los Angeles, CA 

Made With 100% Eco-Friendly, Organic, Sustainable fibers.

• Printed With Organic & Environmentally Safe Dyes & Inks 

• Lifetime Warranty on all Apparel 


• Profane Apparel uses the following Sustainable fibers 

Organic Cotton : cotton that is rain-fed, using less water than regular cotton and no pesticides. The result is that what lies next to your skin is as pure and soft as a white fluffy cloud and a bed of feathers   

 BambooThe benefits of bamboo are abundant. Because bamboo grows so quickly, & is rain-fed. it is a resource that is not only sustainable, but also gives back to the environment.

 Hemp :  is an amazing plant that lasts a lifetime. As a fabric, hemp filters UV light, so your skin is protected. It resists bacterial growth, and has four times the strength of cotton, so it won't weaken when washed. Hemp fabric becomes softer with use and absorbs moisture quickly, keeping your body dry.

Eco-Friendly Materials


August Ames - New Release - Pre Order Now !!!

August Ames Custom Shirt Now Available For Pre Order !!!

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Lead Singer Jack Cash In Custom Profane

Big Thanks to Lead Singer Jack Cash In Custom Profane, See the Entire Photo Shoot 

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Playmate Dani Mathers Custom T-Shirt

 Playmate Dani Mathers Profane Signature Series Custom Tank Top & T-Shirt Available Now

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